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Wyoming Winter (Wyoming Men #7) by Diana Palmer

Wyoming Winter (Wyoming Men #7) by Diana Palmer

  • Formato: eBook Kindle
  • Tamanho do arquivo: 664 KB
  • Número de páginas: 254 páginas
  • Editora: Mills & Boon (1 de dezembro de 2017)
  • Vendido por: Amazon Servicos de Varejo do Brasil Ltda
  • Idioma: Inglês


There's something about those Wyoming men…

New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer returns with a brand-new tale of desire and deception
Working his vast Wyoming ranch is all security expert JC Calhoun wants now. His land is the only thing the betrayed rancher cares about after discovering his fiancée is pregnant by another man. But all cynical JC holds dear becomes compromised when a lost little girl leads him to Colie Jackson, the woman who ruined his life.
Colie stops at nothing to protect the people she loves. Years ago, she left JC for his own good. Now, for the sake of her daughter, she must depend on the hard-headed man who won't forgive her. As ruthless criminals track their every move through the freezing Wyoming winter, Colie and JC will be forced to confront the lies that separated them – and the startling truth that binds them forever…


Our heroine has amoeba IQ and falls in love with the hero, who in my opinion has nothing lovable in his personality.

She decides to enter into a sexual relationship with the hero even knowing that there will be no marriage or commitment in the future.

The sex between them is horrible.

Our heroine only feels pain and discomfort as he reaches his pleasure quickly.
Ladies, here we have Speedy Gonzalez, the quickie. He is accustomed to experienced women and as described by the author he is not very good at it.

The heroine loves him so much he submits without complaining.
A complete idiot. WTF!

I was astonished and at the same time felt sorry for her.
He only thinks about himself and does not see the damage that has caused her reputation and her father.
He is totally full of traumas from the past and has major issues.
A misunderstanding occurs and he kicks her pregnant with his baby to the curb.

I was so engrossed with the story that I read until 4 am and had to stop to sleep ... 

I confess that I went through a varied range of emotions up to this part, ranging from the mortal hatred of the hero to the complete amazement with naivete of our heroine.

Her father's attitude shocked me as well, he did not agree with her attitude but let her make her own decisions and offered support when she needed it. He just waited for her to fuck up and put her pieces together. 
This is the attitude of a father with his head and heart in place, after all he is a minister in the church, but I was stressed just waiting for her to be screwed over by the hero and how the story would unfold. 
If it were my daughter treated in this horrible way, I'd beat the shit out of the bastard.
Ladies, then the drama started.

As always in the author's stories we have moral lessons and in this case would not be different.
The author preaches that sex outside of marriage has terrible consequences ... our heroine got her reputation stained and her father's too, unplanned pregnancy and no marriage in sight. The rejection of the hero. Everything that could go wrong in her life happened. And the icing on the cake was the drug-trafficking brother threatening her.
A wedding in name only and hastily with a man who despite being wonderful still loves the dead wife and is dying of cancer. More drama!
I confess that I think that the daughter of heroes behaves inconsistently with the age presented. It was very strange. The author always puts something supernatural in her stories.
Years go by and the hero reforms his way of thinking and really regrets what he did.
Our heroine creates a new life in Texas and only comes back when more drama happens.
Everyone was good at the end and I was already imagining everyone sitting around a campfire congregating and singing Kumbaya.

I know, I'm a bitter bitch.
But it was a good read and whoever is a fan of the author and is already accustomed to the style of her writing will like very much.


The more she saw of him, the more she wanted him.

J.C. worked full-time locally, but he went back overseas periodically to train troops in Iraq in police procedure.

She dressed like a lady, but he knew all about women who put on their best behavior around company.

He had women, but this one stirred him in a different way.

J.C. followed close behind her, his smile as smug and arrogant as the look on his face. Colie wanted him. He knew it without a word being spoken.

J.C. just stared into space. “I hate people. The best of them will turn on you, given the opportunity.”

She wanted J.C. Why was it so wrong to sleep with someone you loved? It was as natural as breathing. At least, she imagined it was.

“Daddy, I can’t help how I feel,” she ground out. “I’m crazy about him!”

He wasn’t about to get serious. He just wanted someone cute and responsive to spend time with. She didn’t seem the sort of woman who’d cling, and that suited him very well.

Could he do that to her? Make her beg, make her do anything he liked, and then just walk away?

She was old enough to know the score, and he was certain he wouldn’t be her first man.

You were raised to have principles. Don’t discard them for a man who’ll never marry you.”

“She was beautiful. The most beautiful human creature I’d ever seen. She was poised, sophisticated, talented.” He grimaced. “I thought she was perfect. I fell head over heels in love the first night. She could turn me inside out. She was like a drug, an addiction. I’d never known so much pleasure.” She was jealous, but she didn’t let on.

“We went around together for weeks. I took her to the opera, the theater, to symphony concerts. Even to a rock concert. I bought her designer clothing and diamonds. She really seemed to love me. I certainly loved her.”

But he didn’t call. And his two or three days turned into a week.

He’d had lovers; never a woman he could tease or joke with, or just enjoy talking to.
He took what was offered and moved on to the next woman.

“I won’t make promises, Colie,” he said huskily. “No matter what happens.”

So she took a deep breath and let him have her. He cried out with the pleasure. She was happy that her body was giving him so much joy, she only wished she could share it. But she felt torn and uncomfortable.

At least it didn’t take a long time, she wasn’t sure she could have managed not to start crying.

So she didn’t refuse him. As he’d promised, he took longer with her. But her body, still recovering from the shock and pain of the first time, was uncooperative.

That was, until he penetrated her. She ground her teeth together and tried to relax, but it was almost as uncomfortable as it had been the first time. J.C. didn’t notice. He was starving for her.

He tried to slow down. He couldn’t. It had been a long time between women.

She didn’t respond, or demand, as his other women had. She did whatever he wanted her to do.

She didn’t like sex. She was certain of it now.

“Colie, I’m not proposing marriage. You understand that, don’t you? I’m asking you to live with me.

He didn’t love her.

She was as much as admitting that he didn’t satisfy her.

“But you don’t enjoy having sex with me,”

“You can tell people we’re engaged,” he said after a minute.

“I’m still not interested in marriage, Colie. But if you spread it around that I’m serious about you, it will make things easier for your father. He’s a good man,”

Latex and all, she was thinking, but she gave in, as she always did, dreading the discomfort...

She enjoyed the intimacy, even if she didn’t enjoy the sex.

He didn’t call. Days went by without a word from him.
If J.C. had really cared about her, he’d have called. He’d have written.

“I was sick of you, anyway,” he said as he headed toward the bedroom. “You never did anything in bed except lie there like a plastic doll. You never wanted me. You couldn’t even pretend that you did. I guess your boyfriend was better in bed, even if he was poor. Rod said you couldn’t keep your hands off him, even in front of your father.”

“Just for the books, I wouldn’t have married you, even if that child had been mine,” he added. “I told you. I love my freedom.”

“Two-timing prostitutes, the lot of you! I thought you were different. I really did. But you were just out for what you could get, like all the others.”

If she was innocent, no wonder she hadn’t liked the first time, or the times that followed. He’d always been in a hurry.

He’d thrown Colie away, called her names, accused her of lying, ridiculed the way she was in bed.

“Sometimes, we dig our own graves long before we die,” he said out of the blue.

yesterday is a memory and tomorrow is a hope.

“But courage isn’t the lack of fear—it’s having the guts to act even when you’re most afraid. That’s true heroism.”

“He said that life was useless unless we forgave people. It’s what faith is supposed to be all about.”

She simply accepted what little affection he was capable of, without wishing for more.

She loved J.C., but this had been an unpleasant part of their relationship, just the same. “It’s okay,”

“I told you. I’ve been reading books...” She gasped

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Where the Wheat Blows by Mae East

Where the Wheat Blows by Mae East 

Formato: eBook Kindle
Tamanho do arquivo: 844 KB
Número de páginas: 530 páginas
Editora: Envizage Publishing; Edição: 2 (25 de dezembro de 2013)
Idioma: Inglês


The Second World War may be over, but for Katherine Thompson other battles are only beginning. When she marries Robert, the only man she has ever loved, her life changes forever. She finds herself living the perfect dream with the perfect man. A man she loves completely and in return loves her just the same, or so she believes. However Robert has another love stirring in his soul, a dark calling lures him toward a dangerous woman.

Katherine sees the threat, but her fight only deepens when a devious yet charming business man befriends her for his own desires. Unknowingly she and Robert become targets of a deceitful plan, thrusting Katherine and her perfect life face to face with the devil inside.


I bought this book on .Dec 7, 2014. and it was on my reading list.

I do not remember who recommended the reading, but I bought it and added it to my cheater's shelf.

This month I'm trying to get my TBR up-to-date and I've researched my Kindle and discovered this book.

I had read reviews at the time, but fortunately I did not remember anything.

This book evokes so many feelings and their love is so beautiful at the beginning of the reading that we really get touched.

Our supposed hero has had a miserable childhood and fears poverty. He witnessed the death of his mother and sister in extreme poverty. He is a dedicated husband and father, but feels that life is not fair to him and deserves more material things. He envies the wealth and power of the city's elite.

He has a wonderful wife and their lives are simple but full of love and happiness. They are happy and envied by people for their qualities as a couple and as family.

Their crop of wheat suffers a great loss and he seeks employment in one of the factories of the city.

The daughter of the factory owner has an obsession with him and wants him for herself. One of the employees at the same factory has an obsession with our heroine and he wants her for himself.

The two unite to separate the couple and achieve their goals.

But if it had not been for the hero's greed and the choices he made they would not have achieved their goal. 

He began to compare the other woman's wealth and the ease with which she buys everything and is served by servants at any simple request. He even makes love to his wife by thinking of the other woman because she helped him in Christmas shopping and he was charmed by her wealth.

Gradually he moves away from the family and becomes more and more involved with the other woman and being blinded by greed.

Meanwhile the other man who covets our heroine begins to infiltrate their family and make a presence.

I was shocked by the coldness that he leaves the family and is deluded with clothes and cars that the other woman buys for him. He cuts off all kinds of contact with the family, not accepting calls from the wife and ignoring the children. Even at his sons' birthday party he does not appear.

Our heroine is destroyed and the children do not understand what happened.
I confess that I was very sad to accompany a story of love and family so perfect that broken in this way.

He sends divorce papers for her to sign without even coming face to face with her. He sends through the man who from the beginning coveted his wife. This man seeing the suffering and destruction of our heroine begins to regret and feel guilty about his part in the separation of the couple.

The supposed hero gets stuck in his ivory tower with the other woman who is a bitch, expensive clothes, cars and money that in the end are worthless. 

The grass is greener in the neighbor's yard. 
But not everything that glitters is gold.

Never forgetting that the story takes place during the Second World War and that women behaved differently from the present.

My grandmother had to wait until my mother got married to be able to separate from my grandfather who was a great cheater. Because at the time divorced or separated women were not well accepted by society.

I was outraged at her intention to accept the cheater back because she still loved him, but her children had a different opinion. They were disgusted by the abandonment of their father and began to hate him. There is a very strong scene where the children show him what he did to their family.

Our supposed hero turned out in the end besides being greedy, being a great coward who could not bear to face the consequences of his actions.

Our heroine continued to be the wonderful person she was and found happiness.

I finished the book exhausted and with a sadness in my heart. The author gave us strong feelings and a satisfying ending. I would prefer that the supposed hero live with the other woman until the end of his life in great wealth but miserable inside. But I'm a vengeful bitch.

I recommend reading.

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#Freedom! #goodreads #reviews

We have to fight against censorship!
We have to be free to express our opinion.
When the reader has reviews taken down or denounced for expressing some opinion about a book is because something is very wrong in the literary world.
The followers/groupies of certain authors simply bullying who has opinion that does not please them is very wrong.
I am sad and disappointed with authors who incite or accept this type of behavior.
These authors only have to lose with this kind of behavior.
This is my opinion.
I write what I feel as I finish reading and refuse to lick boots.

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Rider’s Revenge (The Last Riders #10) by Jamie Begley

Rider’s Revenge (The Last Riders #10) by Jamie Begley

Formato: eBook Kindle
Tamanho do arquivo: 3004.0 KB
Número de páginas: 543 páginas
Editora: Young Ink Press (25 de janeiro de 2018)
Vendido por: Amazon Servicos de Varejo do Brasil Ltda
Idioma: Inglês


Revenge is a seven-letter word that isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a word for those who have been wronged. 

Jo Turner has been waiting five, long years to finally turn revenge into vengeance. Using Rider, the pretty-faced manwhore, is simply the price she is willing to pay to satiate her desire for revenge. Little does she know, she makes herself a target from the one thing Rider has sworn to give his life to protect—The Last Riders. When you wake the soldier, be prepared for the consequences. Rider is going to teach her a hard lesson: revenge is a double-edged sword … and it always cuts both ways.


He is vain and arrogant and has all women dropping their panties just by looking at them. There is a woman for each day of the week and more women in the club. In each place he has a waitress or a clerk for a quick fuck inside a bathroom or back room. 
Women are only a source of pleasure and never intend to compromise.
Club members are fed up with getting Rider in their homes stealing their wives' attention and eating their food. They take an opportunity as matchmakers for Rider to get involved with Jo. Shade is the diabolical and manipulative mind behind, but Rider discovers everything but decides to get into the game.
Rider begins to feel envious of the family that the married members are forming and grows a desire to have the same as them.
He likes the chase and Jo presents himself as an ideal target.
She presents a challenge to him and becomes an irresistible prey and difficult to catch.
I confess I had conflicting feelings about the story.
The author added to the story several cliches that together cause a lot of drama and have been written so many times. 
We have a heroine traumatized by rape back to town because her father passed away and left her full of debt and a failed business. The rapists are still free and still threatening Jo. She works hard and has no time or energy for anything else.
Our hero is attracted to her but she does not give the time of day to him. He has many women easily and does not want to spend energy or time chasing a woman if she is difficult. But each time he feels more attracted, after all she is a challenge.
Two failed marriages and betrayal by the women he chose left him with trust issues.
I think he uses the two women who broke his heart as an excuse not to move on.
I think that if Jewell had promised him fidelity and children he would have stayed with her and would not even have worked hard to find another woman. When he asks her this and she can not compromise her fate is sealed.
Jewell turned out to be a Bliss second edition and a real bitch. In fact, I never liked her. She wanted to be the queen bee and an old lady but keeping their lifestyle. But Rider wants a exclusive relationship, something she can not and does not want to compromise.
I enjoyed the participation of the club members and I look forward to learning more about Gavin. The wives had great scenes and marked the presence. Shade is still great and his scenes were awesome.
I think Rider's jealous and possessive side was the coolest one because he did not agree to share Jo and reacted violently when suggested.
The story was good but I expected a lot more. I was a bit disappointed but overall I recommend it to the fans who follow the series.


"The first time she had met the handsome biker, he had expected her to fall for him as if he were God’s gift to women. The second time, he had thought she was interested in women."
"Won’t ever happen. Why settle for one woman when I can do them all?"
"Half of the fun was the chase. Once that was over, half the fun was gone."
"He’ll share Jo. Rider will never fall in love with a woman the way you and Shade have done."
"When the Reaper killed, he only shared with the devil."
"Won’t ever happen. Why settle for one woman when I can do them all?"
"Half of the fun was the chase. Once that was over, half the fun was gone."
==>He fucks all the women in town ... Jo does not take two steps without bumping into a fuck buddy of Rider.<== "You’re both consenting adults. What I’m becoming mad about is that it’s taking Carly seven minutes to fry an egg, and you thinking I want to talk to you."
==>FF scenes<== "As Jewell and Ember began kissing each other, his fingers went to Ember’s pussy as he continued fucking Jewell."
==>How disgusting the fluid exchange between him and the two women. He should bathe in bleach and run to be tested for STD.<==
"taking his cock out of Jewell then sliding it into Ember. He gave her several hard strokes before he pulled out then plunged back into Jewell. He alternated fucking each woman until his skin shone in sweat."
"His cock always took precedence over what everyone else wanted. It was a fault of his character, and he saw no reason to change it. That’s why he was single and available to any woman at any time."
"As much as Jo intrigued him—the hard rise in his jeans testified to that fact—it wasn’t enough to have him beating down her door or chasing her tow truck." 
"Don’t try to fool me, little boy. I see exactly who you are.” Mag wheeled her chair closer. “You’re out for yourself, and you don’t give a damn about anyone else."
“I’m not afraid of Jo.” “She’s not a dumb whore..."
"He shrugged. “I don’t want Jo.”"
"You haven’t got the good sense God gave you to lick a postage stamp."
“I can go a night without sex, but why would I want to? I’m living every man’s dream—a different woman every day, a job I love, and a great place to rest my head at night, especially if I have a couple of women keeping me company.”
"Mercury’s tits swayed in his vision as she walked toward him, reaching for him. “I was going to ask if you needed a break, but I can see you don’t.” He groaned when she cupped the hard-on he was planning on drilling into her cunt."
"Twice he had been lied to by women whom he had believed loved him, and it had nearly cost numerous lives. He had no intention of falling for lies from a woman again."
==>He keeps mentioning the other women all the time<== 
"A couple of women from the club like to shop there. They ask me to go along to give my opinion. Pleasure is one of my favorite perfumes."
==>Another club whore (aka club member) falls in love and is causing problems. It reminded me of Bliss (walking vagina).<==
“Jewell, nothing is going to change our friendship. You know that, right?” “I remember Razer telling me the same thing.”
"He hadn’t answered her call earlier in the day because he thought Jo had been trying to break their date. That Jewell was responsible for their date taking a detour was something he would have to talk to Jewell about when he got home."
==>His fucking schedule is full and besides the women in town he has the women of the club.<==
“Wednesday sounds better. You have a date with Aly tomorrow night, and you always go out with Carly on Monday nights. Tuesdays are reserved for Claire. I wouldn’t want to step on her toes. She’s the only cashier at the gas station
==>He continues to defend the bitch<==“Jewell doesn’t carry tales.” “She must not carry messages either. Night, Rider.”
"Jewell shook her head. “She’ll know, but I can see you’re determined to find that out for yourself. I’ll be waiting when she divorces your ass.” “I’m not chasing Jo to put a ring on her finger."
"Creating an intimacy between them was the key to making her fall in love with him and would put him in the position he needed to achieve his goals."
“Jo, this is Delara … my wife.”
"Rider didn’t want to think the woman he had loved so deeply was in any pain or knew what was going on around her, trapped in the shell that remained.“I loved her,” he acknowledged. “She was carrying my child, Jo. How could I not trust her?”"
“I’m sorry. I never cheated on you with my body, but I did with my actions. If you take me back, I swear I’ll never let another woman buy me presents, or buy my favorite cereal, or give me extra french fries.”
“No, you made an oath. I never expected you to marry me anyway.”


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Binding Arbitration by Elizabeth Marx

Binding Arbitration by Elizabeth Marx 

ebook, 484 pages
Published June 17th 2012


Through the corridors of the Windy City’s criminal courts, single mother Libby Tucker knows exactly how far she’ll go to save her cancer-stricken son’s life. The undefeated defense attorney is prepared to take her fight all the way to the majors.

Circumstances force Libby to plead her case at the cleats of celebrity baseball player Banford Aidan Palowski, the man who discarded her at their college graduation. Libby has worked her backside bare for everything she’s attained, while Aidan has been indulged since he slid through the birth canal and landed in a pile of Gold Coast money. But helping Libby and living up to his biological duty could jeopardize the only thing the jock worships: his baseball career.

If baseball imitates life, Aidan admits his appears to be silver-plated peanuts, until an unexpected confrontation with the most spectacular prize that’s ever poured from a caramel corn box blindsides him. When he learns about his son’s desperate need, it pricks open the wound he’s carried since he abandoned Libby and the child.

All Libby wants is a little anonymous DNA, but Aidan has a magical umpire in his head who knows Libby’s a fateball right to the heart. When a six-year-old sage and a hippy priestess step onto the field, there’s more to settle between Libby and Aidan than heartache, redemption, and forgiveness.


This book was on my reading list for a long time and I was always putting off.
I confess that the story of the athlete who leaves his pregnant girlfriend and move on as if nothing had happened already was making me sick.
But I decided to stop avoiding the reading and it took me almost a week to complete.
I really liked heroine and how she managed to raise her son and finish her studies without the help of the hero who asked her to get an abortion when she refused he signed giving up rights as a father.
He proved to be selfish and spoiled just thinking about him and the wonderful future that awaited him. And he had a girlfriend that in the eyes of his family was perfect while involved with our heroine. He reneged on their relationship and seemed ashamed of it.
Over the years our heroine becomes a recognized professional and an exemplary mother, while his career is falling and his new fiancée becomes a nightmare. He is engaged to a rich and spoiled socialite who is a horrible person. I think they both deserve each other.
Our heroine comes into contact with the hero because she needs a bone marrow donor for their son who has cancer.
At first he is furious with her and just think of the impact that the discovery of an illegitimate child would cause in his image. Turns out he has a pristine image and the abandonment of a child would harm his future contracts.
At this point in the reading I was willing to abandon the reading, but I kept going and I was curious about how the author would make us like the hero and how he would make the heroine to forgive him.
The author really knew how to make the reader go discovering new layers of personality of each character that made them more human and likely to be forgiven by the actions of the past.
Adding in the story:
-a sick child, 
-the need of heroine to help others and suffering the consequences for that, 
-a partner in the firm she works for wanting to take advantage of the fact of her being a woman in the workplace, 
-Mommy and Daddy issues, 
-feel inadequate and unworthy of love, afraid to love and to be abandoned again,
-guilt by taking certain decisions that impacted on their future...
Adding to all this still a paranormal dose doing the reader be moved and spend a box of tissues...
At the end of it all it was a good read.
Love, family, forgiveness, hope for a better future and the certainty that we are not in this life by chance. We all have a purpose and need each other to complete our journey.

Goodreads: here

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Midnight Vengeance (Men of Midnight) by Lisa Marie Rice

Midnight Vengeance (Men of Midnight) by Lisa Marie Rice 

ebook, 170 pages
Published August 18th 2014

Copy received for honest review.


Morton “Jacko” Jackman isn’t afraid of anything. He’s a former Navy SEAL sniper, and he’s been in more firefights than most people have had hot meals. Lauren Dare scares the crap out of him.

Gorgeous, talented and refined, she’s the type of woman who could never be interested in a roughneck like him. So he’s loved her fiercely in secret, taken her art classes, and kept a watchful but comfortable distance. Until now.

Lauren had finally found a home in Portland, far from her real identity, far from the memories of her mother’s death, and outside the reaches of the drugged-out psycho who’s already tried to kill her twice. One tiny misstep—a single photograph—has shattered it all. She has no choice but to run again, but this time she’ll give herself a proper farewell: one night with Jacko.

Their highly charged emotional encounter changes everything. In Jacko’s arms there cannot be fear, there can only be pleasure. Anyone wishing her harm will have to pass through him, and Jacko is a hard man to kill. 


There is no demonstration of true love bigger than this one:
"Megadeth, his favorite band, came through Portland, one night only, and he didn’t go. It was a Tuesday and Lauren taught on Tuesday evenings. So no Megadeth."
This author creates the perfect hero in addition to being all alpha male hunk he forgets the other women completely.
"He didn’t even realize he’d stopped fucking chicks until three weeks after meeting Lauren. It hadn’t even occurred to him. When it did, he made a point of going out that evening to his usual hole, The Spike, and picking someone up because Jacko Jackman didn’t do abstinence. Nope. A couple of chicks he’d hooked up with before stopped by and made interested noises and to his enormous surprise, his dick said no."
Our heroine is running from a lunatic who wants to kill her at any cost to get hold of her stepfather's Empire. She has created a wonderful life and made friendships true and she's falling for our hero, but she will have to leave everything behind after a picture of her being posted on the internet and be discovered by assassins again.
"Jorge was desperately looking for Anne Lowell, Chantal’s daughter, Alfonso’s stepdaughter."
"Chantal had died an hour after Alfonso, as his main heir. And then Anne had been Chantal’s main heir."
But after a night of love with our hero, everything changes and now she has a group of men and women willing to protect her and keep her in their lives.
Story full of hot scenes, action, suspense and the special participation of characters from previous books.
“Actually, um...” She turned a bright red. “I was wondering whether you want to make love.”
"He walked her to the bed, stopping just short of it, feeling as if he were strapped with bricks of C4, just about to detonate."
At the end the reader fall in love with the hero and is willing to steal him from our heroine.
Only the villain does not have a very positive opinion about our hero. LOL!
"...choosing this person who looked like one of the more unsavory Sons of Anarchy in a tux—well."

I highly recommend the whole series!

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Midnight Fever (Men of Midnight Book 6) by Lisa Marie Rice 

Kindle Edition
Publication Date: May 26, 2017
Language: English

Review in Portuguese and English.
Copy received for honest review.


Fighting fire with fire

Nick Mancino always gets what he wants -- until now. Despite his seductive persistence, brainy, beautiful scientist Kay Hudson continues to elude him. However, Nick was a Navy Seal, and an FBI Special Agent, so giving up isn't an option.

Ever since that incendiary kiss they shared when Nick saved her beloved grandfather's life, Kay’s been having red hot fever dreams about Nick, but she’s got no business being tempted by anything. She’s on the verge of risking her reputation, her career, her very life, to blow the lid off a deadly bioweapons conspiracy, and Nick’s smoldering eyes, rock-hard body and hot, searching lips should be the very last thing on her mind. 

However, with so much to lose, she deserves one blazing night of pleasure with Nick before she disappears forever.

But Nick won't let her face her demons alone . . . and they will have to face down an enemy that could consume them...and the entire world.


Uau! História maravilhosa!
Se você está procurando um herói perfeito e uma heroína encantadora você acaba de encontrar. 
Ele é um macho alfa de primeira qualidade com aquelas características que amamos e conhecido como "Nick the Lionheart" pela bravura dele.
Ela é uma linda mulher, amorosa, leal à família e amigos, com grande ética profissional, super inteligente e especialista em virologia com um PhD e dois Masters. 
Os heróis juntos são explosivos e colocam fogos nos lençois quando conseguem chegar até eles, porque eles são mestres em transar contra paredes. Os dois são muito quentes e a química entre eles é perfeita.
A melhor amiga da heroína descobre que alguém do departamento deles está vendendo os estudos para ser usado como arma biológica. Esta amiga é assassinada e deixa Kay encarregada de continuar a investigação. 
Traída por colegas que deveriam assegurar que as pesquisas feitas seriam usadas somente para o benefício das pessoas e não para enriquecimento pessoal.
Os caras malvados criaram uma arma biológica com o vírus da gripe que somado com o DNA do alvo escolhido se torna em uma arma mortal e que atinge apenas a vítima ou aqueles que compartilham DNA com ela. Um vírus que é a arma perfeita com ação rápida e que some do organismo em 24 horas não deixando nada que incrimine o assassino.
Após vários assassinatos interligados à investigação. Tudo dá errado e nosso herói e a equipe dele entram em ação para salvar o dia.
Muitas cenas de ação e suspense e mais paredes são testadas pelos heróis.
O leitor não consegue parar a leitura para saber como tudo vai ser resolvido e se o assassino vai conseguir atingir Kay.
O final é realmente muito bom e o pedido de casamento é épico. Nunca vou esquecer a cena.
Recomendo muito toda série.
Este livro foi meu favorito até agora.


Wow! Wonderful story!
If you are looking for a perfect hero and a charming heroine you just found here.
He's an alpha male of first quality with those features we love and known as "Nick the Lionheart" by his bravery.
She is a beautiful woman, loving, loyal to friends and family, with a great work ethic, super smart and Virology expert with a PhD and two Masters.
The heroes together are explosives and put sheets on fire when they can get to them, because they are masters at sex against walls. Both are very hot and the chemistry between them is perfect.
Kay best friend finds out that someone in the Department is selling the studies to be used as a biological weapon. This friend is murdered and let Kay tasked to continue the investigation. 
Betrayed by colleagues who should ensure that the research done would be used only for the benefit of the people and not for personal enrichment.
The bad guys have created a biological weapon with the flu virus that combined with the DNA of the target becomes in a deadly weapon and that reaches only the victim or those who share DNA with. A virus that is the perfect weapon with fast action and that disappears in 24 hours leaving no anything that would incriminate the killer.
After several murders connected to the investigation. Everything goes wrong and our hero and his team come into action to save the day.
Many scenes of action and suspense and more walls are tested by the heroes.
The reader can't stop reading to find out how everything will be resolved and if the killer will get Kay.
The end is really good and the proposal is epic. I will never forget the scene.
I highly recommend the whole series.
This book was my favorite so far.


"...he was with Alpha Security International, a big security company in Portland."
"Nick wasn’t known for his long-term relationships, but he wasn’t a player, either."
And yet…it never failed to astonish her that people could be more dangerous than disease. More murderous, capable of much greater damage."
"The consensus was that Nick was a really good guy, one of the rare ones. Hard-headed, yes, stubborn as they come, but brave as a lion."
He must be wondering whether she suffered from some kind of mental or hormonal disorder. Maybe she was. Nick Lust Disorder.
“It’s just dessert, Nick.” He wasn’t smiling at all. “Not the way you’re eating it, sweetheart. You’re making this pure sex.”
"Nick the Lionheart!"
"...he hadn’t been to bed with anyone since that kiss. Pathetic, but there it was.
"She was a virologist and geneticist—the fuck he knew about genes? Except the fact that his were irresistibly drawn to hers."
"Kay was real and warm and funny and so sexy she turned him inside out without even trying."
“I don’t think I can make it to the bed,” he whispered against the skin of her neck. “Then don’t,” she whispered back."
“Wow.” Wow was right.
"They’d walked into her hotel room and then she’d found herself plastered against the wall, somehow her clothes had come off and enough of his clothes had come off to make sex possible and the rest was a sweaty blur."
“We’re not alone, honey. We have a team at our back.”
"I have a horrible feeling we’re looking at a powerful bio-weapon, maybe weaponized Spanish flu. Certainly, whatever killed Mike did it in a minute, a minute and a half."
“we’re a team. Where Nick goes, we go.”
“A perfect murder weapon. A virus tailored to someone’s DNA, delivered by drone. Essentially a natural death, put down to a sudden allergic attack, a stroke or a heart attack. The murderer can be far away, guiding the drone by a tablet, waiting for the right moment."
"It’s the perfect weapon, surgically precise."
“Dr. Frank Winstone. The head of the CDC.”He’d betrayed her, he’d betrayed the thousands of people working for the CDC, he’d betrayed the thousands who’d risked their lives. He’d betrayed the millions of Americans who trusted the CDC to keep them safe.
“Bio-weapons, huh? Give me a gunned-up mobster any day.”
"Kay scienced the shit out of him.”